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A la cart menu

The easiest way to figure out what would you really like to eat


Prosciutto from Njegus on lettuce mix - 1.000,00

(prosciutto, lettuce selection,parmesan,pumpkin seed oil, cherry tomato)

Selection of cheese's with walnut pesto - 1.100,00

(paladin blue,brie, camembert, mozzarela, parmesan, walnut, olive oil)

Krostini with smoked salmon - 1.100,00

(black bread, smoked salmon, lemon juice, olive oil,caper , spiced butter)

Bruschette with tomato - 450.00

(homemade crispy bread, tomato, olive oil, garlic , oregano, acetate, lettuce)

Brochette with rolled mozarella – 585,00

(toated bread , mozarella cheese, bacon)

Grilled polenta with vegetables Ratatouille - 450.00

(corn, onions, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, carrots, black olives , tomato, sour cream)


From the soup station

Beef consome with vegetables - 250,00

(beef, vegetables, herbs)

Beef cream soup - 250,00

(beef meet, vegetables, sour cream)

Vegetable cream potage- 250,00

(potatoes, carrot, celery, onion, garlic,zucchini,broccoli, cream)


Risotto with porcini mushrooms – 650,00

(porcini mushrooms, rice, butter, cheese, garlic, white wine , shallot)

Risotto with seafood – 650,00

(seafood, rice, tomato, olives, basil, white vine, garlic)

Risotto “Tikka masala” – 700,00

(chicken fillet, mushrooms, tomato sauce, sour cream, turmeric)



Spaghetti with shrimps and broccoli - 900,00

(spaghetti, shrimps, broccoli, cream, garlic, parmesan)

Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce - 780,00/500,00

(homemade gnocchi, pladin blue, cream)

Spaghetti with beef noodles in hot sauce - 800,00/600,00

(spaghetti, beef, tomato, plum tomato, tabasco, cream, parmesan)

Spaghetti  “Carbonara“ - 750,00/500,00

(spaghetti, bacon, egg,rosemary, garlic, cream, parmesan)

Salads as main course


Cesar salad with chicken-650,00

(chicken breast filet, lettuce,bacon, croutons, parmesan, caesar dressing)

Tuna salad – 650,00

(tuna, lettuce, sweet corn, mix olives , cherry tomato, red onion, croutons, lemon dressing)

Beef salad – 790,00

(beef steak, lettuce, aceto balsamic, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes)

Turkey salad  – 690,00

(lettuce, argula, red beans, beans, corn, taost)


Main course


“Šumadija “ beef goulash-700,00

(beef meat, tomato, onion, bacon, cumin, palenta, cheese, parsley)


Chicken “ Mućkalica “-600,00

(chicken breast filet, onion, peppers, tomato, zuchini)


Turkey rolls with pesto genovese sauce - 1500,00/1.190,00


(turkey breast, prosciuto,rainsis, cranberries, pine nuts, broccoli,cauliflower, sesame seeds, cream)

Grilled turkey – 1.300,00/ 1.000,00

(turkey fillet, paprika, zucchini, eggplant, onion, carrot)

Chicken fillet "Šumadija" – 1.100,00

(chicken fillet, smoked cheese, cherry tomato, bacon, flavored potatos)


Stuffed chicken with spinach, mozarella and prosciuto - 1.100,00

(chicken breast filet, spinach, mozarella, prosciuto, baked potato, zucchini )

Grilled chicken with parmesan sauce - 950,00/750,00

(chicken breast filet, peppers, zuchini, eggplant, mushrooms, red onion, broccoli,parmesan, cream )


Pork tenderlion with zuchini and prosciutto sauce on tagliatelle - 1.200,00

(pork tenderlion , zucchini,prosciuto, tagliatelle, cream )


Šumadija corner

Ćevapi in cream sauce - 650,00

(mixed mince meat, cream, french fries)

Leskovačka pljeskavica - 650,00

(mixed mince meat, bacon,cheese, french fries)

Gurmanska pljeskavica - 700,00

(mixed mince meat, bacon, cheese, french fries)

Mixed meat - 900,00

(ćevap, pljeskavica, bacon, sausage, chicken skewers, pork tenderloin, french fries)

“Šumadija“ skewers - 900,00

(pork tenderloin, chicken breast filet, beef filet, onion, bacon, cherry tomato, french fries)

“Karađorđeva“ steak - 1.300,00

(pork tenderloin, cream, flour, egg, breadcrumbs, french fries, tartar sauce, lemon)



Fresh salmon risotto - 1,500.00

(salmon, rice, cucumber juice, neutral sour cream, horseradish, lemon, cherry tomatoes)

Fillet of trout in almond sauce - 1.000,00

(trouth, honey, vermouth, almond, onion, peppers, tomato, olive)

Sea bass with vegetables - 1.100,00

(sea bass, carrots, celery, leek,zucchini,eggplant,baby corn, lemon, olive oil)

Grilled calamari - 1.100,00

(calamari, swiss chard, potatoes, garlic)



Chocolate tart with cherry sauce - 250,00


Cheese cake with strawbery sauce - 250,00



Fruit salad - 300,00


Home made apple pie - 250,00

Written by Hotel Šumadija Friday, 07 July 2017

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